Wednesday, 30 January 2008

What if it was real?

Wouldn't it be mad if it was real! And why where they wearing bras on there heads? lol

Rod Kimble Stunt Man!

I wish i could be him. He is just the best! I tried to do stunts like back in the day but they where even crapper! I wish i could write a movie like that some day! 
Gunna go watch Weird Science on E4 oh yeah!

Murdoch give the writers there money!

Just give the writers there money! Seen all the money you got and look at how much they make for you. So if the writers want a little more for what they deserve, just do it!

Stuff I Need to Write!

Well there a lot of stuff I need to help me write and here they are:
  • My Mac- with out this i would not be writing this write now and it rule like Hot Rod!
  • 24 pack cans of Coke- It just tastes great!
  • The Simpsons- It's funny as a The Simpsons!
  • The American office- I love that show!
  • Food!- Mainly coco pops and pizza but it keeps me going!

Welcome to my blog about writing and what not in da hood!

I'm Daniel Fee! This is my blog about writing comedy, i'll keep you up to date on what my production company is doing.
When i make videos i'll post them on Funny or Die and maybe you tube, but i love Funny or Die Will and Adam are so clever! Don't you think? Oh and my influences are Judd Apatow( I love everything he makes!), Seth Rohgen, Will Ferrell, The Simpsons, Simon Pegg, The American office, The OC, Andy Samberg, Snl( When ever its on in the UK!) and other funny stuff!